What is DUOday?

The concept DUOday or Job Shadow Day is simple: It is a ‘DO-day’ for jobseekers with disabilities. They form a DUO with an employee within a company or organization. This duo-job for one day (or week) gives both of them a real opportunity. Employee and employer get to know the skills, commitment and possibilities . The jobseeker has a chance to show his or her talents, and discover the job.

The first Job Shadow Day (DUOday) was organized in Ireland. Meanwhile, DUOday takes place in many European countries and there are also initiatives outside Europe (Northern Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Greece, Canada …)

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Why DUOday?

The employment of persons with disabilities in Europe is still a big challenge. The EU has signed and ratified the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. Transposing it into national frameworks is not so easy, especially the transposition of Art.27 or the right to work and employment.


Thanks to an approachable campaign such as DUOday we can build bridges between employers, people with disabilities and service providers. DUOday is a (inter)national, regional initiative bringing (supported) employment organizations, people with disabilities and local employers together. Businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, both private and public, are responding positively because of the hugely positive impact it has on their workplace. DUOday provides a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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